Sunday, October 13, 2013

Republican Poll Numbers Reality

It's been reported (or spun) that the satisfaction with Republicans is at an all time low. Okay, I'll go along with that. I'm conservative and am dissatisfied with the Republicans, too. It's also been reported that it's because of the shutdown. This is where I believe that the US State Run Media is spinning the truth. What's the truth? It's simple. Conservatives are dissatisfied with the Republicans because they are not being conservative enough. They continuously bend, cave and succumb to liberal tactics. They are hearing the intentional misinterpretations of the media. They hear the vial rhetoric of the liberals and of the Whitehouse. But, they do not seem to hear the voice of their base. Therefore, we are dissatisfied. But, we will be even more dissatisfied if they cave in again. Their poll numbers will improve if they take a strong stance and disregard the lies and spins from the left. This is why average Americans like myself support the Tea Party. They are the voice of the American people. So, my advice to you Republicans, if you want to be re-elected (which seems to be all you care about), you need to be *MORE* Conservative, not less.